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The Cave of the Tayos, located in the canton Limon In dance province of Morona Santiago, is a formation of more than 200 million years ago that for its impressive shape has become one of the most mystical tourist attractions of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The Tayos Cave is one of the great enigmas of our land, known worldwide for its great mysteries, legends and unknowns. Its name is due to the birds that inhabit it called “Tayos” (Streatornis caripensis). 

It is presumed that the cave exceeds 7km between caverns and passages, considered one of the largest and most important in South America.

This cave became very famous after large speleological expeditions were carried out, the most important was the “British expedition” in 1973, led by the Hungarian Juan Morics, where important archaeological findings were obtained. 

For this purpose, both the Ecuadorian government and the British government allocated a budget that exceeded one million dollars. More than 100 people spent more than a month exploring the cave. At the end of the expedition, 4 enormous boxes of unknown contents were extracted. 

This expedition was also attended by the first astronaut on the moon, the American Neil Armstrong, as a special guest.

Departure from Quito to the city of Macas, crossing the cloud forest to the high Amazon, observation of beautiful landscapes, lunch on the way, we continue our travels through the Ecuadorian Amazon to the town of Limon Indanza. 

Accommodation in the hotel and dinner.

Breakfast in Limón Indanza, safety briefing and personal gear delivery, transportation from Limón Indanza to Yukiantza, canoe transportation on the Santiago River, hike to the Shuar Kuankus community and lunch, hike to the Kuankus River and raft crossing, hike to the Shuar family hut, dinner, socializing and rest with the Shuar community.

Breakfast prepared by Shuar families, hike to the entrance of the cave, descent with a 55 meter rope with rappel technique, hike to the gallery known as “The Cathedral” and set up camp, lunch inside the cave, exploration of the most important galleries (The Altar, The Stalagmite Room, The Waterfall, The Amphitheater), dinner and rest inside the cave.

Light breakfast, access by rope to exit the site using speleological techniques, lunch outside the cave, hike to La Puntilla, canoe transportation on the Santiago River to Yukiantza, bus transportation Yukiantza – Limón Indanza, accomodation in the hotel, dinner

Departure from Limon Indanza to Quito or Cuenca lund on the way.


It includes Does not include
Private transportation from Quito to Limon Indanza experienced bilingual naturalist guide / translator
Additional beverages and tips, souvenirs from native communities, Any no specified service.
Accommodation in Hotel, camping equipment, life jackets, lunch and dinner on the first day
Rain coat (Poncho), Robbert boots. extra meals, drinks
Three meals a day on the next days and breakfast and lunch on the last day, purified bottled water, tea, coffee, cuisine that caters vegetarians and vegans
The package includes land and river transportation to the cave from Limón, necessary equipment for speleology and camping, lodging in community, speleology guides and native guides and entrance permits to the cave.

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