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Traveling to the Amazon is discovering the rich biodiversity of the tropical rain forest. Most of the species of plants and animals live within its mysterious virgin forests, protected in the National Park such as the Yasuní, involved with the coexistence of the Kichwa Culture, through its Community Tourism Initiatives, in the Ribera del Río Napo.

Sacha Ñampi community project belonging to the Kichwa Alta Florencia ”commune is located approximately 292 kilometers away by river from the city of (El Coca), and less than 10 kilometers from the border with Peru. This community has a great tourist potential in natural, cultural and gastronomic resources, during our tour you will be able to know different community tourist undertakings of the Kichwa culture that inhabits the profile of the Napo River until you reach the majestic Yasuní National Park, where you will enjoy your pure landscape and the tranquility that the jungle offers us.

DAY 1.

  • Personalized assistance at Coca.
  • American breakfast
  • Set sail from Coca to Sacha Ñampi through the Napo river
  • Arrival to Sacha Ñampi
  • Lunch (Sacha Ñampi)
  • Hiking time 2h30 / Observation of medicinal plants and the largest tree of the Yasuni.
  • Dinner
  • Dance of the Kichwa culture
  • Rest (Private double room)

DAY 2.

  • Breakfast
  • Entrance to the heart of Yasuni
  • Hiking –visit the animal and bird salting area, 4 hours of walking
  • Lunch- in the middle of the jungle
  • Rowing canoe navigation through the Yasuni river to the mouth of some Jatuncocha-it is recommended to bring a bathing suit.
  • Return to the cabins
  • Arrival at the cabins
  • Dinner.

DAY 3.

  • Breakfast.
  • Visit Rio Yasuni by motor canoe, bird watching, dolphin watching.
  • Navigation through the canyon of the Tambococha river, Observation of various species of birds, monkeys, reptiles and animals.
  • Lunch in the jungle of the Yasuni National Park.
  • Visit Laguna Jatuncocha
  • Hiking, a suitable place to observe howler monkeys as well as other species of animals and birds.
  • Return to the camping cabins, located on the profile of the Jatuncocha Yasuni lagoon.
  • Dinner
  • Night sighting of black caiman like other species of animals through the Jatuncocha lagoon.
  • Break

DAY 4.

  • Sighting of the sunrise in the lagoon
  • Bird Watching
  • Breakfast
  • Hiking / animal watching.
  • Return to the cabins
  • Arrival to Sacha Ñampi
  • Lunch
  • Preparation of Ayahuasca
  • Dinner.
  • Meeting with the curandero shaman, cleansing of negative energies and drinking ayahuasca.
  • Break.

DAY 5.

  • Breakfast
  • Use of the blowgun, ways of hunting and fishing of the Kichwa culture.
  • Preparation of chicha de Yuca and tasting.
  • Lunch
  • Return to El Coca
  • Arrival at El Coca – end of Tour


  • Weight of your luggage maximum 30 pounds
  • Light clothing, pants and long-sleeved shirts.
  • Cap and glasses with bra (for navigation in the Napo river).
  • Small comfortable backpack to carry during walks in the jungle.
  • Repellent against insects, flashlight with rechargeable battery.
  • Canteen or “take all” to refill (potable water supplied all the time).
  • Sunscreen, Battery-powered photo camera, Binoculars.
  • Passport or identity card, Light, comfortable and closed shoes.
  • Water poncho and rubber boots are supplied on loan.
  • Personalized assistance at El Coca.
  • Hotel in El Coca one day before entering Yasuni.
  • River transport 4 hours direct.
  • Accommodation in private cabins.
  • Complete meals during the tour.
  • Entrance to trails and cultural activities.
  • Land or air transportation to the city of Coca and return to origin.
  • Tips, extra meals and drinks.
  • River transportation to Peru “population of Pantoja”
  • Activities not specified in the program
  • Rapid tests of Covi-2019
  • Payment of medicines or extra consumptions.

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