Aguas Negras River Lodge

Aguas Negras River Lodge is a beautiful native style lodge built by natives using local materials. The lodge is located on a breathtaking spot at the shore of the Eastern part of Cuyabeno River in the heart of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. This Lodge takes its name from the beautiful Aguas Negras River (Blackwater River) located just a few minutes from the camp. Blackwater Rivers are a type of river with slow moving water flowing through forest and, as vegetation decays, tannin acid leach into the water turning it darkly stained, resembling tea or black coffee. Blackwater Rivers are in fact considered some of the cleanest natural waters in the world.

This is an Ecotourism effort by an indigenous community that believe that tourism is a friendly ecological way that provides a sustainable income for their survival and, at the same time, helps with the preservation of one of the most biodiversity richest places on earth for the future generations.


Aguas Negras River Lodge is the farthest lodge in the Cuyabeno Reserve, located in an isolated region far from other lodges deep in the Amazon Rainforest at the shore of the Cuyabeno River near its mouth in the white waters of the great Aguarico River. The lodge is accessible by river only.

The Lodge is the first of its type in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, it is an eco-friendly option designed to accommodate a maximum of 20 people and provide them with a unique jungle experience. The visitors’ accommodation will be in native-style cabins covered with a roof made out of Palm Leaf. Palm leaf roofs provide a pleasant temperature to the space inside.
Our cabins are spacious and for single, matrimonial (Queen size bed), double or triple accommodation (family bedroom). Ideal for nature lovers, couples, families and children. Each cabin has a private bathroom with hot shower.
At present Aguas Negras River Lodge is one of the most comfortable lodges in the Cuyabeno WildliIfe Reserve.

Our crew members consist of experience, well trained people ready to assist you and make sure that you have the best possible Jungle experience. You will be guided by experienced bilingual naturalist guides.

In order to maximize your Rainforest experience we manage small groups of maximum 10 people per guide.

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